What We Do:

We are a registered Colorado non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to help care for pets of the homeless and indigent community and those who are economically disadvantaged in the Denver metro area. We do this by providing free pet exams, vaccines, dental evaluations, nail trims, minor illness consultations and medications if possible, dog and cat food, treats, pet beds, leashes, collars, etc. We are funded solely on donations (monetary and items) and are strictly a volunteer organization.  All monetary donations go toward purchasing supplies for our clinics and all item donations go directly to the people and their pets!

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What We Do:

We are a registered Colorado non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission it is to help care for pets of the homeless and indigent community in the Denver metro area.  We do this by providing free pet exams, vaccines, minor illness consultations and medications, dog and cat food, treats, pet beds, leashes, collars, etc.  We do not charge our clients for any services or pet supplies.  We are funded solely on donations (monetary and items listed above) and are strictly a volunteer organization.  All monetary donations go toward purchasing supplies for our clinics and all item donations go directly to

our clients and their pets.


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You can help people

and their pets NOW!

For Pets of the Homeless/Indigent Community:


Pet health exams

Minor medical illness treatment


Rabies certificates and Rabies tags

Heartworm testing 

Heartworm medication

Vaccine records

Nail trims

Dog and cat toys

Dog and cat food

Leashes and collars

Pet jackets, sweaters and coats

Pet beds and carriers

Vouchers for free spays and neuters

Matted hair shaving, as medically necessary



Notice about upcoming clinics

in regard to COVID-19 :

We are sad to announce that our clinics have been temporarily suspended

until further notice.

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, our regular location, has closed its space to all outside organizations for an undetermined amount of time, so while we are looking for a new location to resume our free clinics, it is also important for us to find ways to help you and your pets during this difficult time.


If you are experiencing financial hardship and your pet needs vaccines and heartworm testing/medication, please contact Spay Today in Lakewood at 303-984-7729 and Peace, Love & Paws will help pay for these services until we resume our regular clinics.  In order to obtain financial assistance for this, please mention Peace, Love & Paws when you call.


Additionally, if you have an immediate or urgent medical need for your pet and are experiencing a financial crisis and cannot afford care, please see our list of Resources of low-cost veterinary clinics or email us at info@peacelovepaws.org and we will help you obtain medical care for your pet during our closure.  Any help financially with these services must be approved by our Medical Director.  And if your pet is experiencing an emergency, please refer to our list of referral clinics or other 24 hour facilities right away.

Please check back for updates in the next few weeks for more information regarding our future clinics.  Your pet's health is very important to us, so please know that we are working to find ways to help our clients and their pets as this Coronavirus crisis continues to affect each of us.

Just need help with PET FOOD? 

Please contact the

Colorado Pet Pantry:






Every year we participate in Project Homeless Connect, a large event helping Denver's homeless with obtaining all kinds of services they need such as housing, clothing, medical care, dental care,  IDs, legal help, resumes and jobs, etc.---and we provide free veterinary care and pet supplies for them!  Keep an eye out each fall to volunteer for this wonderful event---it is very meaningful for us and for our special clients!


We do not charge for any of our services, although we do accept donations as you are able.

We provide all of the services listed above, however, we are currently unable to provide heartworm testing, heartworm medication, microchipping, labwork, surgeries or  dental cleanings.  Additionally, we are unable to provide veterinary care outside of our regularly scheduled free clinics. 


If your pet needs assistance at times other than the first Thursday of the month, visit our Resource page for local low-cost veterinary clinics and hospitals that can provide these additional services.






If your pet is over the age of 6 months, he or she must be SPAYED OR NEUTERED to use the services of Peace, Love & Paws (exceptions include advanced age or severe illness---this will be determined by our veterinarian).  If your pet is not spayed or neutered, we will see your pet once, determine if your pet is an exception to this rule, then if not, you will need to have your pet spayed or neutered in order to be seen again.  We do not provide services to breeding dogs and cats.  We can provide free spay/neuter vouchers for those who need it and qualify (see below).  You will be asked to provide proof of need once per year.


You must PROVIDE PROOF OF NEED to use our services by bringing one of the following:

  • Quest or EBT card

  • Paycheck stub (showing income of no more than $769 per 2-week paycheck) 

  • Income-tax return form (showing income of no more than $30,000 gross per year)

  • Unemployment check stub (with current date)

  • Medicaid card

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) ID or letter


  • WIC

  • Or you must be currently experiencing homelessness