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What We Do:

We are a registered Colorado non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to help care for pets of the homeless and indigent community and those who are economically disadvantaged in the Denver metro area. We do this by providing free pet exams, vaccines, dental evaluations, nail trims, minor illness consultations and medications if possible, dog and cat food, treats, pet beds, leashes, collars, etc. We are funded solely on donations (monetary and items) and are strictly a volunteer organization.  All monetary donations go toward purchasing supplies for our clinics and all item donations go directly to the people and their pets!

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What We Do:

We are a registered Colorado non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission it is to help care for pets of the homeless and indigent community in the Denver metro area.  We do this by providing free pet exams, vaccines, minor illness consultations and medications, dog and cat food, treats, pet beds, leashes, collars, etc.  We do not charge our clients for any services or pet supplies.  We are funded solely on donations (monetary and items listed above) and are strictly a volunteer organization.  All monetary donations go toward purchasing supplies for our clinics and all item donations go directly to

our clients and their pets.


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You can help people

and their pets NOW!

For Pets of the Homeless/Indigent Community:


Pet health exams

Minor medical illness treatment


Rabies certificates and Rabies tags

Heartworm testing 

Heartworm medication

Vaccine records

Nail trims

Dog and cat toys

Dog and cat food

Leashes and collars

Pet jackets, sweaters and coats

Pet beds and carriers

Vouchers for free spays and neuters

Matted hair shaving, as medically necessary



Our clinics will be at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church on the first Thursday of every month from

9 am-12 noon, registration

starts at 8 am. Space is limited. 

*St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

*1280 Vine St.

*Denver, CO 80204

Two blocks down from Colfax on Vine St.

There is street parking only and watch for street sweeping signs!

May 2nd, 2024 Clinic:  

Due to our low volunteer numbers, we will have limited availability to see sick or injured pets. If your pet only needs vaccines or heartworm testing, we WILL be able to provide these services. Thanks for understanding.

2024 Dates:

May 2nd

Starting in June, we may be moving to a new location--please check back to determine if we will have these clinic and/or where they will be located!

June 5th?

July 11th (changed due to holiday on the 4th)?

August 1st?

September 5th?

October 3rd?

November 7th?

December 5th?

We will be providing veterinary services for those experiencing homelessness and for those who are considered indigent and who income-qualify (please bring proof of need or government assistance, if available). The list of qualifications is below.

We do not charge for our services, but ask that each pet owner pay what they are able---we are strictly a volunteer organization that relies only on donations, so this will help us continue to provide services to those in need on a regular basis. However, no one will be turned away due to inability to pay.

Here is what to expect at one of our clinics:

* When you arrive, please form a line at the front door of the church---we are no longer using a sign-up sheet that is passed around outside.

* Please dress you and your pet appropriately for the weather, as you may have to wait a little while outside until it is your turn in line to register. If you believe your pet is cold, you may leave them in your car while you wait in the line.

* Starting around 8 am, we will be registering each person one by one at the front desk (inside) by your place in line. If you need a chair while you wait in line, we will provide you with one.

* There is a 2 pet limit per family.

* New clients and new pets will automatically be able to see a veterinarian.

* Those clients who have been to our previous clinic may have to wait until new clients and new pets are seen. If you were at our last clinic and your pet has a documented reason to return to see the vet (i.e. your pet needs booster vaccines, the vet requested a medical recheck, etc.), you will have a guaranteed place in line. If you were here in the last 2 months but do not have a documented reason to return and have a medical issue you'd like to vet to evaluate, you will be asked to wait until all new clients, new pets and those who have a documented reason to return have been seen. Time and volunteer staff permitting, we will then begin seeing those returning clients requesting a vet check. We want to help as many people as possible---this is solely to make sure new clients who are just learning of our services can see a vet and those who were here last month and have been asked by the vet to return the next month can follow through with their medical recommendations. In recent months, we have had to turn away many new clients because our schedule was already full with returning clients, so we want to avoid this in the future and be fair to everyone.

* If you are a returning client, you are welcome to wait until all others have been seen to determine if we can accommodate your request to see a vet, or you may take one of our Resources handouts and make an appt at a local low-cost veterinary clinic.

* If you only need pet food, pet supplies, a spay/neuter voucher or a medication refill, you will be able to obtain these, in order of your registration.

* We will no longer be serving food and snacks, however coffee and water will be provided as a courtesy while you wait.

* You will be asked to provide income qualification paperwork (as listed on our website), or have a caseworker. Please let us know if you are currently experiencing homelessness.

* Each pet over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered. If you have not been to our clinic before and your pet is not spayed or neutered, we will provide you with a spay/neuter voucher. If you have received a voucher from us, your pet must be spayed or neutered in order to be seen again.

* Inappropriate, rude or angry behavior will not be tolerated. We provide a wonderful, helpful and free service to the community and simply ask that you show kindness to our volunteer staff and to each other. If any inappropriate behavior is seen, you will be asked to leave.

* There is no parking lot---only limited street parking (and they do ticket for parking in street sweeping areas from April-November).

Just need help with PET FOOD? 

Please contact the

Colorado Pet Pantry:




Every year we participate in Project Homeless Connect, a large event helping Denver's homeless with obtaining all kinds of services they need such as housing, clothing, medical care, dental care,  IDs, legal help, resumes and jobs, etc.---and we provide free veterinary care and pet supplies for them!  Keep an eye out each fall to volunteer for this wonderful event---it is very meaningful for us and for our special clients!


We do not charge for any of our services, although we do accept donations as you are able.

We provide all of the services listed above, however, we are currently unable to provide heartworm testing, heartworm medication, microchipping, labwork, surgeries or  dental cleanings.  Additionally, we are unable to provide veterinary care outside of our regularly scheduled free clinics. 


If your pet needs assistance at times other than the first Thursday of the month, visit our Resource page for local low-cost veterinary clinics and hospitals that can provide these additional services.






If your pet is over the age of 6 months, he or she must be SPAYED OR NEUTERED to use the services of Peace, Love & Paws (exceptions include advanced age or severe illness---this will be determined by our veterinarian).  If your pet is not spayed or neutered, we will see your pet once, determine if your pet is an exception to this rule, then if not, you will need to have your pet spayed or neutered in order to be seen again.  We do not provide services to breeding dogs and cats.  We can provide free spay/neuter vouchers for those who need it and qualify (see below).  You will be asked to provide proof of need once per year.


You must PROVIDE PROOF OF NEED to use our services by bringing one of the following:

  • Quest or EBT card

  • Income-tax return form (showing income of no more than $30,000 gross per year)

  • Unemployment check stub (with current date)

  • Medicaid card

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) ID or letter


  • WIC

  • Or you must be currently experiencing homelessness



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